MyTRUST Platform
MyTRUST Platform

Platform Highlights ​

Flexible, Scalable & Extensible Architecture driven by Micro services.

Security and Privacy by design​

Powered by AI/ML, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Blockchain, PKI, Touchless Multi-Biometrics​

Strengthened by SAML, oAuth, OpenID Connect, ISO/IEC 18013-5:2021 , PAdES (PDF), CAdES (Any Data), XAdES(XML Data) with LTV (Long Term Validation) support​

Structured and easy Plug-in based Integrations with HSMs, CAs, Internal & External systems​

In Compliance with Digital Signature Act, Privacy & Data Protection laws of the land​

Continued Innovations and Roadmap- IoT TRUST, Digital ID for businesses & digital assets, Digital TRUST Analytics, Certificate Lifecycle Management (PKI-As-A-Service), Cybersecurity Platform, Monetizable Citizen Participation in digital economy.​

Foundational Services

ID Document Validation Gateway

MyTRUST Platform

Deep Tech driven real time verification to detect fake, tampered and expired documents.​​

  • Detects inconsistencies in documents like Appearance, Fonts, Design Patterns, Watermarks and Layout through Machine Learning.​​
  • Scans, Compares and Parses the document using mix of Computer Vision, AI and ML to extract content and verify the authenticity.​​
  • Image Analysis techniques are used to detect digital manipulation such as Metadata Analysis, Copy-move Detection, Artifact Detection and Liveliness Detection ​​
  • Deep Learning based Landmark Detection verifies authenticity by checking position, color, accuracy of Country Flag, Issuing Authority Logo, Stamp, Signature, and background security patterns.​​
  • Establish integrity by comparing MRZ , Bar/QR or PDF 417 codes with Text printed on the Card​​
  • Photo Match: Liveness detection and advanced ML to match Selfie against image on their ID and in government database.​

Identity (Biometrics) Verification Gateway

MyTRUST Platform

Real time, Reliable and Accurate Multi-Biometrics based Identification of Individuals to determine whether they are who they claim to be.​

  • Smartphone Camera to auto-capture, process and send image to Biometric Engine for Enrolment, Identification and Verification of Individuals​​
  • Active , Passive Liveness check and anti-spoofing mechanisms with inbuilt detection for Face Masks​​
  • Mobile SDKs to capture Face, Fingerprint and Palm: Supports ISO/IEC 19794-5, image output formats such as RAW, WSQ, Jpeg 2000 and displays the Fingerprint, Palm quality score using NIST NFIQ 2.​​
  • Support for standard matchers such as MegaMatcher (Neurotechnology) , ArmorVox (Auraya), DERMALOG ABIS and Innovatrics ABIS​​
  • Deep Learning based Identification and Verification Mechanism

Registration Authority

MyTRUST Platform

Multi-Channel User Registration and Verification for Seamless, Authenticated and Secured Certificate Lifecycle Management.​

  • Comprehensive User Enrolment ​
  • KYC through verification against multiple regulatory sources like Foundational ID, National ID Database, Immigration Systems etc​
  • Complete Certificate Lifecycle Management Functionality spanning Issuance, Revocation, Suspension or Blocking etc​
  • Flexible to handle People, Things, Applications etc​
  • CA agnostic and seamless integration with any CA

Real-Time Consent (privacy-by-design)

MyTRUST Platform
  • Real time mobile notifications are sent to obtain signed consents ​
  • Multiple Attribute Profiles with classification based​ on the defined policies​​​
  • Consent for Mandatory as well as Optional attributes​​​
  • Tamper-proof audit of requests and real time consents​​​
  • Meets the requirements of Privacy Regulations​​​
  • Fulfils the legal norms of capturing consent of primary data subject for access to their personal data​​

PKI Services – Backend

MyTRUST Platform

A core service of MyTRUST Platform to prepare and send the Certificate Generation Request (including Key Pair Generation) and KEY Life Cycle Management using HSM

  • Backend to manage Certificate and KEY Life Cycle Management by interacting with Certificate Authority and HSM ​​
  • Supports Document Signing, Data Signing and Log Signing and also provides a mechanism to Verify the Signature​​
  • Performs Certificate Validations(against PKI’s OCSP) before the Signature is generated and Time Stamping (from Trusted TIME Source)​​
  • Works with Any CA, HSM and RA with Plugin Based Integration mechanism

Compliance & Evidence(Immutable Audit Trails) Service

MyTRUST Platform
  • Log correlation across the services​​
  • Service Provider and subscriber wise logs
  • Blockchain enabled logs​​
  • Asynchronous mode of log integration and aggregation
    to optimize the performance​
  • Log Analytics

Digital OnBoarding​

Automated Real time Multi biometric based seamless onboarding​

  • Secure onboarding of citizens with immutable proof​​
  • Verification of ID Document & Identity with Liveliness check​​
  • Secure issuance of digital credentials (digital certificates)​

Digital ID​


Secure and Legally Valid Digital ID’s cryptographically issued based on multiple verifiable parameters and strong authentication

  • Life Cycle of Management of Digital ID​
  • Secure ID profile (attributes)​
  • Binding Device, mail ID, mobile number, foundational ID number​
  • Life Cycle management of digital certificates​
  • Digital ID Linking Services: linking to Family’s Digital IDs, Property IDs, Vehicle ID, and Things​
  • Manage settings & notifications​

Digital Authentication​

Real time and Accurate determination of whether a user or device are who they claim to be and whether they are authorized​

  • Supports Open ID Connect, OAuth, and SAML2 protocols​​
  • SSO with strong MFA framework – OTP, TOTP, PUSH Notifications, Biometrics, Smart Tokens, FIDO2, U2F tokens​​
  • Support Circle Of TRUST – interoperability between multiple countries Identity Providers based on Standard Protocols​​
  • Real time consent-based profile sharing​​
  • Well defined strategy and APIs to integrate with service providers’ business applications/systems​​
  • Authorizations linked with the Authentication assurance level(s)​

Digital Signing​


Legally compliant and verifiable Digital Signature anytime, anywhere and on any device.​

  • Ability to sign documents and data – CaDES, PaDES, XaDES signatures​​
  • Ability to sign PDF, docx, pptx, xlsx, jpg files​​
  • Supports qualified long-term verifiable signatures​​
  • Supports remote (server) signing and client signing​​
  • Multi-user digital signing workflows​​
  • Multi-channel support – Portal and mobile app​​
  • Supports eSEAL​​
  • Supports cloud drives: for document retrieval and storage of singed documents​​
  • Supports both business and retail users​

Digital ID Vault​

Highly Secure Encrypted storage for verified and authenticated Documents in Digital form.

  • Based on ISO/IEC DIS 18013-5 standard for device engagement and data exchange​​
  • Ability to manage multiple categories of documents and multiple documents under each category ​​
  • Verifies through online and offline methods using mobile verification app​​
  • Supports BLE/NFC based communications and Crypto QR Code​
  • Supports profile sharing based on real time e-consent of citizen(s)​

Digital Forms​


Secured Digital Services Exchange for Citizens to apply for Services based on Consent and Authenticated Information.

  • Rendering, filling and digital signing of digital forms​​
  • Central forms exchange to manage the life cycle of forms templates​​
  • Categorization of forms by service providers, by services, by transaction types, etc. ​​
  • Delivery of digitally signed forms and signed JSON object (for data) to various enrolled service providers through PUSH or PULL based integrations​

Enterprise Gateway​

Securely Enable Business Applications (and its Workflows) to leverage National ID based Digital Authentication, Digital Signing (including Bulk Signing) and Signed Document Verification using Enterprise Gateway​

MyTRUST Platform
MyTRUST Platform
MyTRUST Platform

MyTRUST Admin Portal​


Intuitive Dashboard for the admins to manage MyTRUST Platform- Configurations, Service Orchestrations, Evidence Logs, Reports & Queries.

  • Create, manage, delegate and revoke the administrator permissions to manage Registration Authority, Digital Authentication, Attribute Sharing, Digital Signature service of MyTRUST Platform and Common Platform Services. ​​​
  • Separation of Duties principle​​​
  • Status of Individual Service, Transactional Statistics, and Audits of Administrative activities​​​
  • 360-degree view of subscribers and activities​​​
  • Integrity-protected log for administrator activities​​​
  • Dynamism in rules and workflows for trusted digital verifications & evidence, cutting across multiple TRUST services​​

MyTRUST Signing Portal​


Comprehensive Digital Signing Lifecycle Management for Retail and Enterprise users.​

  • Intuitive dashboard​
  • Sign documents and data through CaDES, PaDES, XaDES signatures​
  • Sign PDF, docx, pptx, xlsx, jpg files​
  • Qualified long term verifiable signatures​
  • Remote (server) signing and client-based local signing​
  • Flexible multi-user workflows for document signing​
  • Portal and Mobile app for anytime, anywhere signing​
  • eSEAL – for enterprise users​
  • Flexibility of Batch/Bulk documents signing, Delegation of signing powers to other users​
  • Integration with cloud storage drives

A TRUST SuperApp empowering Citizens

An Intuitive Miniapps ecosystem enabling Secure Privacy driven journey for Citizen’s in the Digital Ecosystem​

Digital Onboarding

A Self-Onboarding channel for Digital Identity ​

Digital Authentication

Manages the Digital Authentication Tokens ​

Digital ID Management

Manages Digital ID Profiles, Link the Family Members, Properties and things​

Digital Forms

Download the e-Forms, Fill the forms, Sign and Submit the form​

Digital Signature
& E-Seal

Anywhere, Anytime Sign the Documents from Cloud Drives or Local Mobile folders​

Digital Consents

Provide and Manage digital consents to Service Providers to access Attributes. ​