Citizens are the core of socio-economic development. Digital Transformations being inevitable, Governments are working full time to ensure participations of citizens in such transformations. Central to success of such transformations are Participation of Citizens and their TRUST in such programmes.

This is where our new Vision drives what we do and our goal of “empowering citizens”.

So, how does this translate into our vision?

Enable: is when someone or something helps or supports in achieving the end goal/objectives.

Inclusive: is when there is no individual left out and participation of all stakeholders is enabled.

Citizen-centric: when the policies and services are driven by the needs and wants of the citizens rather than policy makers wants. Citizens need to have high level of assurance, individual consent and control of data, privacy protection.

Trust in Digital Economies: Digital trust underlines every digital interaction by measuring and quantifying the expectation that a participant (Citizen, Government, Enterprise) is who or what it claims to be. This lays the foundation for assured and secured transactions in the digital arena.

To sum up our vision – We solve the fundamental problem of Digital Economies: TRUST. We enable a nation-wide ‘legally valid TRUST chain’ between Government, Citizens and Businesses; thereby improving Governance, accountability & service delivery.

Citizens are central to and most important stakeholder of Digital Economies. In line with this, our offerings are based on the principle of 4C’s for the Citizens in their participation in the Digital Transformation–

  • Control– you have complete control over who and what data of yours can be accessed
  • Compliance– ensuring the processes are in compliance with the country’s regulation and laws
  • Convenience– have an intuitive access to services from anywhere and anytime with the most basic of resources.
  • Confidence– on the system, other stakeholders and belief that system conforms with law of the land.