The year 2023 is by far the most significant milestone in the journey of DigitalTrust. This Diwali on 11th Nov, we took a huge leap of collective faith and launched our Employee Stock Options Policy (ESOP) for our associates, we fondly call them TRUSTodians.

Addressing TRUSTodians on the occasion, our Founder & CEO Mr. Bommireddi Ramamohan Reddy mentioned:
“ I firmly believe in creating wealth/value and sharing the same with every TRUSTodian, for being a key stakeholder in our journey.

Our ESOP initiative is not about financial ownership or monetary benefit for our employees; it is a commitment from the organization to create and nurture a culture of shared purpose, collective responsibility and ownership among TRUSTodians.

It has been an incredible 6-year journey for DigitalTrust – from sleepless nights, delayed salaries, uncertain times during covid, rollout of our MyTRUST platform/product, to incredible national level project wins competing against giant competition. Our TRUSTodians have been the lifeline and rocket fuel through their steadfast belief and support.

ESOP is a small step in our endeavor to create value, wealth and importantly a Family sharing common belief to build an Indian Product Firm which will be the Thought Leader worldwide, solving the most critical problem that the world ever facing – TRUST in digital economies.

Together, TRUSTodians are all set to achieve far more exciting outcomes and impact for DigitalTrust, in the coming years.

“Challenge yourself and compete with yourself; Don’t settle for ‘Good’, Always aim for ‘Great’.” – TRUSTodians mantra. “