We are excited to be part of the first edition of “MOSIP Connect” event in Ethiopia. The event brings together key changemakers in the digital identity sphere, fostering collaboration and in-depth discussions on inclusive digital identity systems.

Being one of the first Digital ID solution providers to be “MOSIP Integrated”, we would showcase our MyTRUST Platform which enables Countries build nationwide legally valid TRUST chain between Government-Citizens-Enterprises leading to an inclusive, citizen-centric TRUSTED Digital Economy.

MyTRUST is worlds first comprehensive TRUST Platform comprising of Mobile Digital ID, Identity Wallet, eSignature & eSeal, Authentication & Verification and eForms. The platform adopts a Mobile First approach to drive inclusion and adoption based on principles of Consent and Privacy.

Do reach out if you want to know how we helped Republic of Uganda and others build TRUSTED Digital Economies.

To setup a meeting, please write to:

Mr. Venu Madhav