It is exciting times at DigitalTrust!!!. As part of our continuous transformation and Thought Leadership; we have an evolved Vision, Identity, and Innovative transformation of our offering.

  • New Vision: “enabling citizen-centric TRUST in digital economies”
  • New Logo: The shield signifies Security and Assurance. Inside the shield is the word TRUST in Morse Code. This signifies what we deliver – privacy driven Digital TRUST.
  • MyTRUST Platform: Our quest to be “Thought Leaders” in the segment backed by proactive R&D has led to the innovative “MyTRUST Platform”. It ensures comprehensive TRUST Services (onboarding & eKYC, Digital ID, Digital Signatures & eSeal, Digital Vault, Verification) can be delivered and monitored from One Platform; enabling governments and enterprises to build strong and trusted relationships with their stakeholders: customers, vendors, employees, etc. Powered by Digital ID and Digital Vault, MyTRUST helps Governments build a “Inclusive, Citizen-Centric and Legally Compliant” Digital TRUST ecosystem.

The name MyTRUST is a powerful embodiment of control, confidence, convenience and compliance that the citizen gets while transacting in the digital economy. is our new online Home!!!!